SPECTRA STUDIOS         ‚ÄčGilberto Carlone 



Gil has always had an eye for beauty and simplicity wherever it may be found. He received his inspiration first as a military combat photographer and then as a studio and portrait photographer in New York. He returned to his roots as a portrait photographer in Kansas when his love of nature took hold. The wonders of natural light dancing across the landscape, the calm still waters reflecting the beauty of the tall proud cliffs, the undulating ripples of sand stretching far into the distance captivated him with wonder and awe. With a renewed direction, Gil learned to appreciate and respect the wonders all around him. His passion is to travel across the United States in all 4 seasons to explore and photograph our National Parks, to fight the elements to bring us the beauty of nature. His images are extraordinary, using what he's learned from his past experiences, Gil has brought to us a unique blend of the contemporary and classic. His 40 years as a veteran of photography has given us as these wonderful and exquisite images to contemplate, appreciate and provide us with a look at nature that only few have seen. 


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